Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laundry Day

So the other day was laundry day. Well, Hannah had almost no clean clothes because it had been over a week since I had done laundry. So I put her in the below outfit thinking, well, we're not really going out and really she doesn't know that she doesn't match at all. And I really like each of the pieces separately. But then John came home for lunch and told me that her outfit was just too much not to take a picture of because it was so awful! He had to document this day as the day I didn't care what my daughter wore. Is it really all that bad??? She doesn't look too upset about it....


  1. She looks so bright and Spring-y! I like it!

  2. she looks fabulous as always....hannah can pull anything off! hilarious that john wanted to document the day. it is laundry time at our house and it got so bad i actually went out and bought NEW outfits for the boys for the adoption party because they had no clothes to wear. sad, sad. tell john you were just being frugal:)