Friday, March 26, 2010

Hannah's first steps!

Hannah's first steps happened on the day we returned from Philly, the 23rd. Maybe she was just so sick of sitting on the plane for so many hours that she said, that's enough, I'm walking! She's hasn't exactly taken off running yet, but she taken steps every day and getting a little more comfortable, my guess would be that in a week or two, she'll be off and running! Here's a video of the momentous occasion!


  1. Seldom have I seen such adorable walking! I knew she could do it! Yeh Hannah! Love, Granny

  2. yey!! although the walking is incredible and monumentous, my favorite part of the clip is when bonnie says "did you get it?" CLASSIC! the whole thing is wonderful. i'm so impressed with the beautiful girl hannah is becoming and will continue to become. love your family and can't wait to welcome isaiah robert!!!