Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IT'S A.......

BOY!!! We can hardly even believe it. We are so excited and so surprised and so....I'm not sure....just really excited. I had felt like it was going to be a boy, I know everyone says that, but I really did. But I'm not sure I was actually prepared for the words, you're having a boy. So now begins the process of having to get all new boy clothes and bedding and blankets and so forth. Hannah is going to have a little brother. Wow. We are very very excited to welcome Isaiah Robert on or around August 2nd! :) Here's a picture of the cute little guy.


  1. I can't tell who Isaiah looks like but it surely brings to mind I am fearfully and wonderfully made and my soul knows it full well. Amen

  2. Yay! boys really are a lot of fun :)

  3. That is so great! I know, it's kinda weird to have one of the other sex when you already have one, huh? I COULD NOT picture myself with a girl! Congratulations! Great name!