Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Lock family drove to abq for thanksgiving this year and despite still not having a dvd player (as also happened on our philly trip) due to technical difficulties Hannah did great on the car ride there and back. Isaiah pretty much slept the whole time. He likes sleepign when I'm not sleeping. :) I wasn't very good about a camera during our trip, but Granny (john's mom) must have been very good all year because she was granted several good pictures of all the grandkids. Below are some pictures of the day. Most of the pictures include Ryan (age 5) who is Beth's (John's sister) and Brian's son and Marcus (Rob - John's brother) and Debbie's son who is six weeks older than Isaiah. I also posted a very cute video of Isaiah's first belly laugh and Hannah entertaining him so to speak. (by the way, at the end of the video, the "book" she's reading to him is my weight watchers book.)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scratch that

So I've been a little sheepish to update my blog because I got on my high "sleeping" horse. The day after I posted that last blog Isaiah went back to getting up 2-3 times a night. He must have read my blog. So, latest updates: John went on a camping trip with his Dad last weekend and my mom was kind enough to join me to help me put the kiddos to bed. Unfortunately, they both have the same bedtime (which I have tried to maneuver but they have sort of set their own bedtimes) and they are tough to put down at the same time. Last time I did it when John had to work late, all three of us ended up crying. :) We had a great visit with my mom though and there some great pics below of the time she spent here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Swaddle Heaven

For those of you who remember Hannah's sleeping habits when she was younger, you remember that she was addicted to her swaddle. Couldn't sleep a wink without it. I think we finally broke her of it when she was about 10 months old when she kept rolling over in the swaddle but couldn't get back over and was stuck on her tummy. Not pretty. So I was reluctant to start Isaiah on the swaddle addiction but Mommy has been getting tired at night with several feedings so I went for it. Yes, sweet sleep. Isaiah now only has a 3AM feeding (well, for two nights in a row, but that's a pattern, right???) and then a 6 AM feeding (yes, that IS daytime). Below are some pictures and videos from the past couple of weeks that have stolen my heart. :)

Hannah reading the Bible to her Teddy Bear who she insisted sit on her lap.

Hannah reading to Isaiah - a common sight...

Webb clan - does this remind you of anyone and should I be scared???

My little Butterball :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orr Family Farm

Last Friday, John was kind enough to take work off early to indulge me in going to a farm with the kids. We had a great time! There were train rides and hayrides and pumpkin picking and a petting farm. Hannah was in her glory days. Below are pictures of the fun afternoon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Isaiah's Baptism

John should really be doing this post as he knows more about the day than I do, but Isaiah was baptized on Thursday, October 28th - which is a feast day I can't remember. :) Father Haifley performed the baptism along with Father Bright, and my dear friends Kristal and Liz (and her children) were all in attendance. It was followed by yummy pastries from Ingrid's. :) Below are some pictures of the special day.