Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter....a little late

Have I really not posted Easter pictures yet? My goodness. Where is the time going. Sorry Judy! :) Here are the adorable Easter pics of my kiddos getting so big! And then a video of the kids just making a game out of kicking the bed. Very fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free Saturdays

I LOVE stuff that happens on Saturdays that are free. For kids I mean. There is a whole world that opens up that I never had thought of before I had kids. I never knew I needed it. But Saturdays sometimes you are looking for something to do. There is no sleeping in (college days), there is no watching movies (pre, during, post college days) and there is definitely work around the house because when there are young children around, that work is done by either one spouse or when kids are down. So that still leaves me with looking for something to do with the kids on Saturday. I was lucky enough to be guided to free Lowes/home depot Saturdays by my dear friend Kristal who is is in the same boat. And now Hannah is at an age where she is starting to really get into this stuff and all the crafts and activities they make available to you. This past Saturday Lowes had a make your own bird feeder. Hannah was very proud of her finished product. the only problem is after we hung it up outside her window with no birds 5 days later, she's a little confused why they aren't eating her birdseed. she keeps asking me about it and saying with conviction, they'll come in a couple of minutes, right? Oh dear.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pippi Longstocking

My daughter is expressing herself. That's the good part. The part I'm trying to swallow is when she ends up looking like Pippi Longstocking, although it looks very cute. I want to put a sign on her that says, my mom did not dress me this morning. I'm sure many parents have felt like this in the past. But I love just opening up her drawer and telling her to pick something out. It gives her a feeling of independence and frees me up to do the other 97 million things that I'm trying to get done in the morning. So, here she is....Pippi Longstocking is coming in to your world.....(are you singing it yet?)