Monday, November 30, 2009

Crisis Averted!

So this isn't really much of an update on Hannah as much as it is a sigh of relief. I pride myself on being pretty savy when it comes to those crazy scams that people try and sell you on, never give your credit card number out over the phone, never give you bank account number, yada yada yada. So this morning, my electric company calls and tells me the online payment I did, never went through. (And I did in fact do an online payment) They then told me I was going to have a $40 late fee unless I paid today. I was so panicked that the payment didn't go through that I almost paid for it over the phone! The only thing that stopped me was my husband waving frantically in the background wondering what the heck I was doing about to give my credit card over the phone. In hindsight, I don't know what the HECK I was thinking. So anyway, he then proceeded to tell me that this scam was going around The Village, where we live, and Oklahoma city. So to you Oklahoman's out there, beware! I feel silly for even admitting that I was about to do something so stupid, but I just got caught up in the moment, so I thought I would warn you folks out there as well. To end on a more positive note, here's a cute pic of Hannah with her Papa! :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home at Last!

After an 8 hour car ride home, the Locks are home at last. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in New Mexico with lots of good food (sopapillas! and a Thanksgiving feast), and family. Below are some pics of our visit. One of Hannah and I (isn't she sweet!), one of Ryan and Hannah and then one of all the siblings with their spouses or soon to be spouse.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reading with Papa

Oh man, this picture was just too cute not to post. So we are in Albuquerque for thanksgiving and Hannah is having a great time with her Granny and Gramps. She was a perfect angel baby on the way out here but is having a little trouble adjusting to sleeping during the day so naps are sort of at a minimum. The picture below was after Hannah had actually taken a nap and her daddy was reading with her. I love it! :) She was also having fun playing with the kitchen set at granny's.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Off we go again!

This year we are so excited to be going Alburquerque for Thanksgiving. We'll be leaving Sunday evening around 6PM and hope and pray that Hannah will fall asleep for the ride. She's not much of a car sleeper but she's an even worse car-seater where she would have to be in her car seat for 9 hours awake! So, this is the lesser of two evils. Hannah will get to see all of her aunts and uncle on John's side as his whole immediate family will be there, how neat! So I'm sure I'll have some great pictures upon our return. On the downside, Hannah has another cold. Argh! As most youngins do, she absolutely hates having her nose wiped, you would think I was scratching her face with sandpaper. Anyways, I took a picture of her yesterday afternoon and this morning so you would see how sad she was! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures again!

Yay! I finally got the cord for my camera so I can begin posting again! I've had some cute pictures of Hannah with no where to post! :) Hannah is certainly progessing along with her motor skills. She is pulling herself up on things and this morning while I was trying to get her to nap (although her morning nap is slowing dissipating) after about 20 minutes there was a true distress call. So I rushed in and she had pulled herself up in the crib and couldn't get down! The top picture here is of her new position and the other ones are just random cute pics! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's growing up

Finally - Hannah is holding her own bottle. We knew she could do it. She's grasps, picks up her own food, holds her own weight in a bookbag (seperate story there) but we could not get her to hold her own bottle. We didn't know what the deal was. So, I'm at my friend Liz's house yesterday (who by the way had her son holding his own bottle at 5 months!!!!) and she is as determined as I am to get Hannah to hold her own bottle. She props her up on the couch, sticks a blanket under her chin, gives her the bottle and voila...hannah is holding her own bottle. Liz removes the blanket and hannah keeps holdign her bottle. Like she's been doing it for months. The little sneak. She was just testing us I think. Stubborness maybe? Not on the wilson side, she must have gotten that from John's side of the family (that was for you Judy! :))