Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Day

There was a post I wrote almost 5 years to the day that is VERY similar. So 5 years ago, Hannah had just turned one and we were living in Oklahoma and John was getting ready to go to a conference for a week in Savannah Georgia. And Oklahoma City was preparing ice storm. and where there is ice in oklahoma, there is often, a power outage. My dear friend Sonny Varela spent an arm and a leg buying firewood for me (as they were major price gouging of course) and I set everything up in our living room all ready to make a fire for me and hannah if the power was out. Not much fun. Fast forward 5 years, same conference, same time of year, 4 kids later. John is out of town and we are preparing for the "storm of the century". Come on folks, we've had at least 8 of those already and we're in the year 2015. They were talking 25-30 inches, and power outages. Luckily it was a bust! We got about 8 inches, but school was off and we had a fun snow day. And we took advantage of everyone being home and potty trained catherine. going well so far two days in!

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