Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The big 3-1

So I know one of these days I'm supposed to start feeling old or getting upset about my age, but I really still think that 31 is so young...well...maybe not so young, but young at least. Despite John ordering AARP for me and telling me that he's going to get wrinkle cream for me next year, the age thing isn't a thing yet. So I had an awesome birthday yesterday, mostly because it was john's day off so I got to get myself a pedicure and we went out to dinner and John made me a cake (which I think the wilson girls bartered that into the wedding vows that the husbands had to agree to make a cake for their wives for their entire marriage - right hol?). So anyway, here are two pics from my birthday, you'll notice the lack of candles on the cake because we didn't have any so I had to scrounge. I don't actually think I'm turning 21. the 2 candle is from hannah's b-day last year and the balloon candle is the last remaining candle from her birthday party.

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