Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ABQ trip

Whew....we have discovered that Isaiah only likes to sleep in teh car when its a 20 min drive home and we don't want him to fall asleep because it will completely negate his nap. When we're in the car for 8 hours and are planning on him napping so he's not a crying mess, he refuses. Well....it wasn't that bad. He did sleep for 30 min in the car in place of his 2 hour nap and overall the drive to ABQ went well. We had a wonderful time there though, including sopapillas, the Abq aquarium, a short mountain hike, seeing cousins, lots of green chile and of course granny and gramps. I had to be selective in the great pictures so it must have been a good time!

1 comment:

  1. what FUN pictures! (is that doing devotions on the steps?:) so glad you had a good time but i'm even gladder you're home!