Thursday, January 20, 2011

My little girl is two!

Hannah turned two on January 19th! Oh yes, so did my husband, well, he turned the big 2-9. :) The past two years, each day has been a blessing getting to know this spirited, independent and fun loving little girl. The big day celebrating John and Hannah's birthday started by going out to breakfast at Ingrids with the four of us and Judy who came out to celebrate the birthdays, at a local yummy German cafe/diner. I thought it would be a treat for Hannah to have french toast. She must have thought it was going to be good for her because she refused to eat it. Did I mention she had a little stubborn streak in her? She did however eat her weight in bacon. That night I made a yummy cheesy macaroni and cheese for Hannah. Unfortunately, I think she had a stomach bug and she didn't eat that either. :( She did however have a great time opening her presents. Granny and Gramps bought her a kitchen set which she LOVED and John and I got her a child's tent and camping chair which she also loved. It was a good night for her.

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  1. Can't believe she's already two! Her and John have the same bday? How cool.