Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hannah's birthday party

Hannah turns 2 this wednesday and we celebrated with her friends today. Her party was at build a bear workshop and her friends present were Caroline, alex, nic, christian and of course Isaiah. After the kids built their bears they indulged in a chocolate teddy bear cake I made. I will say it was a labor of love. Certainly not ready to decorate cakes for a living, but for a two year olds party, i think it passed with flying colors. The pictures include our whole fun day!


  1. Wow Bonnie! I am SUPER impressed with your cake decorating skills!! Want to attempt a Thomas the train cake in a few days? HAHA! You will be so over making adn decorating cakes after this week! It looks like Hannah's party was a huge success! Cant wait to see you soon :) Love your blog!

  2. so sad we missed it:( looks like fun was had by all and the cake is AWESOME! happy birthday to your special girl!!