Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's growing up

Finally - Hannah is holding her own bottle. We knew she could do it. She's grasps, picks up her own food, holds her own weight in a bookbag (seperate story there) but we could not get her to hold her own bottle. We didn't know what the deal was. So, I'm at my friend Liz's house yesterday (who by the way had her son holding his own bottle at 5 months!!!!) and she is as determined as I am to get Hannah to hold her own bottle. She props her up on the couch, sticks a blanket under her chin, gives her the bottle and voila...hannah is holding her own bottle. Liz removes the blanket and hannah keeps holdign her bottle. Like she's been doing it for months. The little sneak. She was just testing us I think. Stubborness maybe? Not on the wilson side, she must have gotten that from John's side of the family (that was for you Judy! :))


  1. yey hannah! i KNEW she had it in her. she just needed a little push from liz (she's a no nonsense momma:)

  2. You Know everyone almost on the Lock side of the Family is stubborn!

  3. Now that I think I have a google account, maybe I can post comments but I continue to maintain that they understand everyword after 6 mos and just can't talk back- so she probably knew what you wanted to do and is smart enough to play dumb! Amazing how you can't wait for them to talk and then wish they would just shut up for 5 min. All worth it!