Saturday, November 21, 2009

Off we go again!

This year we are so excited to be going Alburquerque for Thanksgiving. We'll be leaving Sunday evening around 6PM and hope and pray that Hannah will fall asleep for the ride. She's not much of a car sleeper but she's an even worse car-seater where she would have to be in her car seat for 9 hours awake! So, this is the lesser of two evils. Hannah will get to see all of her aunts and uncle on John's side as his whole immediate family will be there, how neat! So I'm sure I'll have some great pictures upon our return. On the downside, Hannah has another cold. Argh! As most youngins do, she absolutely hates having her nose wiped, you would think I was scratching her face with sandpaper. Anyways, I took a picture of her yesterday afternoon and this morning so you would see how sad she was! :)

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