Friday, October 16, 2009

My project

So, probably the ones who are actually following this blog already know about this, but I'll post it anyway. Hannah needed a hat, mittens for the cold weather approaching and a sleep sack to fit her growing legs. I had some old fleece leftover from a project gone awry many years ago, so I used that and made them all! She was a wonderful model and it was fun to see what I could do. When John suggested I make the sleep sack, I thought he was crazy. But then I thought, oh well, I have nothing to lose, I'll give it a try. And the results were pleasing. I may not be ready for etsy or anything, but they'll do for Hannah!


  1. you are awesome! it must feel so good to create something for your family to save your resources and warm your precious little one! way to go momma!!

  2. Very cute! I never thought of making a sleep sack before. You did good!