Monday, October 19, 2009

Bon Voyage

Hannah and I are getting ready for our trip to Philadelphia, which we are both excited about! Hannah has been helping me pack, as you can see, and then when I told her how long the flight is (it's very hard to get anywhere from Oklahoma City) she suggested we drive! Although she looks very cute behind the wheel, I then told her how many hours it took to drive there, and she decided that a plane may in fact be better. In addition, I thought I would show a bath time video of Hannah. She LOVES bath time. You might think this video is in fast forward. It's not. It's real time. Splashing is just that much fun!


  1. totally squealing over her cuteness! i CANNOT wait to show the boys the video...they will be squealing right along with me:) hope you have a wonderful trip.. may the flight be quick and the precious time with those you love be slow. not too slow, though...we want you back!

  2. Wow! She loves her bath! Kinley won't even sit down for hers. Too cute!

  3. Hey I didn't know you started a blog! Very cool,love the hat, mittens and sack you made. Have a safe and fun trip, and enjoy the gorgeous fall leaves they have up there :)