Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Philadelphia Trip Part 1

We took our annual trip to Philadelphia last week and decided to throw a big combined birthday party for Starry, my three year old neice and Isaiah. We reserved a spot at a park. We check the weather. Forecast called for rain the afternoon. We thought we were golden. that is until the torrential downpour of rain came. Luckily the mosquitos were already biting me and the bees were hovering over our strawberries and we moved into a enclosed shelter at the park. The kids nonetheless, had a blast playing in the rain. Some of my favorite pics are of Starry looking at Isaiah in bewilderment at his face. She just can't understand why he has smeared the cake over his entire face. You'll also notice she does not have one drop of icing on her face. I think its an age thing....and well a boy thing.

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