Monday, March 5, 2012


Sometimes I feel like blogging is like talking to an old friend in that when you keep up the conversations, its easy to talk about the day to day happenings. But when its been a while, you think back and there is nothing noteworthy to discuss because the day to day things seemed so far away. John has kindly reminded me that its been 3 months since my last post. so, where do I begin? Not sure....All three children have been making sure that every last ounce of my energy has been used up at the end of the day and I tease john a little too often that my two children out of my womb are causing me to buy a ticket to crazy town where I can be alone for a minute. In all seriousness though, they are growing up way to fast and I know these will be the days I look back upon and miss and wish I had cherished more. the pattering of the feet. there is lots of that these days....
Recent interaction with Hannah:
Me trying to blog on my computer and she pulls out the plug on my computer and i lose everything i had worked on.
I leave the room. very frustrated.
Hannah follows me. of course.
Me: Hannah, what do you need? I need to be alone for 30 seconds.
Hannah: I want to be in here with you Mommy.
Me: Why Hannah? (Still very frustrated)
Hannah: Because I love you.

umm...yeah....kind of hard to stay mad...

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  1. the more you blog, the more you blog! so glad to "see" you here cuz my life always needs more livin' laughin' and lockin'! love to you all!!