Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family Visits

The lock family had some very special visitors last week when my mom, grandmother and grandfather came out to visit us. The day they arrived the weather was 75 degrees and they day the left I think was 10 degrees. they were one day delayed (yay for us though!) due to the snowstorm that hit, and although we were stuck in the house, the kids loved having them here! On the nice days we went to the park (see pics below) and on the cold days we snuggled by the fire and read books. Hannah is still asking for Gigi, Granpa and Granmom and points out "their" chairs. The other milestone that happened was that Isaiah ate his first solid food! We're still working on the whole "swallowing" bit, but last night he did much better. He'll get the hang of it soon I'm sure! :

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  1. such precious moments! so glad you had a good visit and that your kiddos got some extra lovin'.