Thursday, November 11, 2010

Swaddle Heaven

For those of you who remember Hannah's sleeping habits when she was younger, you remember that she was addicted to her swaddle. Couldn't sleep a wink without it. I think we finally broke her of it when she was about 10 months old when she kept rolling over in the swaddle but couldn't get back over and was stuck on her tummy. Not pretty. So I was reluctant to start Isaiah on the swaddle addiction but Mommy has been getting tired at night with several feedings so I went for it. Yes, sweet sleep. Isaiah now only has a 3AM feeding (well, for two nights in a row, but that's a pattern, right???) and then a 6 AM feeding (yes, that IS daytime). Below are some pictures and videos from the past couple of weeks that have stolen my heart. :)

Hannah reading the Bible to her Teddy Bear who she insisted sit on her lap.

Hannah reading to Isaiah - a common sight...

Webb clan - does this remind you of anyone and should I be scared???

My little Butterball :)

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