Saturday, October 16, 2010

Philly Part 1 - Hannah and Isaiah and their cousins

There are just so many fun pictures that I decided to devote Part 1 to pictures of Hannah and Isaiah and their cousins. Now, admittedly, most of the great ones are of Hannah and Galadriel, but there are some cute ones of the four of them as well. Alot of the pictures that you see will be of them at Buehlers which is like a bed and breakfast in the Poconos that has a lake and lots of land, and chickens and a pony etc. It was a wonderful few days there and hannah had a blast running all over the campus and petting the pony. John thinks we need to get one for her now. :) The first couple of pics are buehlers...


  1. cousins are the BEST! thanks for part one...can't wait for more!!

  2. tech savvy Mom is having trouble posting a comment so it this is duplication, I apologize. But I think these kids are really the cutest in the world. No bias here.