Saturday, August 7, 2010


No, we have not changed Isaiah's name and yes I am still pregnant. Going on 40 weeks and 5 days, much to many people's dismay. Granny, Grandma, Gramps, and mom and dad of course. Isaiah is apparently coming in his own sweet time. I have an induction scheduled for the 12th so that if he still decides to hang out, we can give him a little push. So.....since I'm still pregnant and don't have a newborn to take care of, and since I'm a wonderful obliging wife (ahem, John) I was able to get last minute tickets to see one of John's all time favorite artists (and I say artist in the truest sense as John sees almost no one greater in song writing, performing, the whole shebang) Bob Dylan. So John and I headed off to the OKC amphitheater to see Bob Dylan while John's mom graciously watched Hannah for the evening. Below are some fun pics of the evening although nothing could truly capture john's excitement of the night. And Isaiah still didn't show up (which I thought would have made the whole evening complete).


  1. I went a week overdue with Finn and I scheduled an induction for the 14th since I was getting fed up. Then I went into labor on the night of the 13th! Hopefully the same happens for you too!

  2. I am so happy you guys were able to go see a legend, and it was a great way to get in last "date night" before becoming a family of 4. I still have some baby clothes for you!