Saturday, April 3, 2010


My girlfriend Kristal has been kind enough to host kindermusik for me and a bunch of other moms in the Oklahoma City area every friday morning at our church. Hannah has been loving the music, the dancing, and of course all the older kids to play with. I have been meaning to take pictures for weeks now and finally caught one of the kids singing along to "where are my car keys" with the car keys being played by bells. Also included some cute pics of Hannah smelling and giving kisses to the tulips/flowers in our backyard. Oh yeah...and a video of her walking around ringing a bell from John's office that she was pretty excited about...

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  1. Folks brought bells to church to ring in Easter Sunday. Hannah would have been a great addition and it appears that she has a natural gift for bell ringing! Happy Easter Love, Granny and Gramps